Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Customizing My Desktop...

Unfortunately I regret to inform you that I have already completed this project and therefore can only tell you of what I have done instead of what I am doing and bore you with constant updates... such a pity isn't it? but what I can do is recall the events to the best of my ability! oh fun!

Anywho what I wanted to do was change my XP start bar from that eye straining blue to a more black or dark blue color because I have a black/dark color desktop image at most times and the blue really doesn't fit too well. I started out googleing for random programs that would just change the color of it or shade but soon found I needed a whole new texture and mesh as well... I ended up finding the thing I was looking for at customize.org (go figure) and I got a really dull looking one!

Also I decided to change some other things while I'm at it so I changed my Mozilla look by using the anycolor addon found here and changed it to a black glossy with a Diablo III background.

Furthermore I customized all my little folder icons on my desktop to things that fit the folders name (such as a gear for a program shortcuts folder)

And that just about wraps it up so... ya... fun...

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