Saturday, February 21, 2009

Picasa 3

Recently, while perusing my vast collection of digital media and code, I came across a program that I had long forgot... it was Picasa 2, a picture viewing, collecting, and editing program by google. So I decided to click check for update and thus I got Picasa 3! Ever since then I have used it as my primary picture viewer and it also can edit my pictures, to a certain degree. It also has the nifty capability to search for pictures and other media types on your computer and then place them in the Picasa directory for you to easily find. One interesting thing I came across was its capability to read the inner data of the files to determine its creation date (in other words it takes the original creation date not the one applied by you), and I thought this was interesting because it said some of my objects were made in 1970... which I know they weren't because some of them were videos with 21st century actors in them... so this led me to conclude that if there is no data present or it cant find it then it just has a default date of 1970... anyways I recommend this program to people that want a good, free, and easy to use solution for microsoft picture viewer, but beware use at your own risk as it is suspected that google is trying to take over the world! No joke! They have phones, internet browsers, picture viewers, map services, desktop gadget managers, and lots more! check it all out here.

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