Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cool (no pun intended) Computer!

Recently when I went to visit my totally tubular dad in the far west, we stopped by Puget Systems to see their computer that's submerged in mineral oil! yes that's right I said submerged! it works because mineral oil doesn't conduct electricity and therefore electronic components will work while in it (you can see more about it here). Anyways it was pretty cool! ill even post pics so that you can see it from my point of view. In addition to all this I got to meet and talk with one of its creators (he was also using it when my dad and I arrived), and we talked for a bit about geek related things and the like. To wrap it up id like to say that if your ever in the Auburn area then stop by their office and see it its pretty cool! They have directions to their office on their site too.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Picasa 3

Recently, while perusing my vast collection of digital media and code, I came across a program that I had long forgot... it was Picasa 2, a picture viewing, collecting, and editing program by google. So I decided to click check for update and thus I got Picasa 3! Ever since then I have used it as my primary picture viewer and it also can edit my pictures, to a certain degree. It also has the nifty capability to search for pictures and other media types on your computer and then place them in the Picasa directory for you to easily find. One interesting thing I came across was its capability to read the inner data of the files to determine its creation date (in other words it takes the original creation date not the one applied by you), and I thought this was interesting because it said some of my objects were made in 1970... which I know they weren't because some of them were videos with 21st century actors in them... so this led me to conclude that if there is no data present or it cant find it then it just has a default date of 1970... anyways I recommend this program to people that want a good, free, and easy to use solution for microsoft picture viewer, but beware use at your own risk as it is suspected that google is trying to take over the world! No joke! They have phones, internet browsers, picture viewers, map services, desktop gadget managers, and lots more! check it all out here.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Customizing My Desktop...

Unfortunately I regret to inform you that I have already completed this project and therefore can only tell you of what I have done instead of what I am doing and bore you with constant updates... such a pity isn't it? but what I can do is recall the events to the best of my ability! oh fun!

Anywho what I wanted to do was change my XP start bar from that eye straining blue to a more black or dark blue color because I have a black/dark color desktop image at most times and the blue really doesn't fit too well. I started out googleing for random programs that would just change the color of it or shade but soon found I needed a whole new texture and mesh as well... I ended up finding the thing I was looking for at (go figure) and I got a really dull looking one!

Also I decided to change some other things while I'm at it so I changed my Mozilla look by using the anycolor addon found here and changed it to a black glossy with a Diablo III background.

Furthermore I customized all my little folder icons on my desktop to things that fit the folders name (such as a gear for a program shortcuts folder)

And that just about wraps it up so... ya... fun...

My Computer

Now, this post in particular actually has some awesomeness to it! The awesomeness I am referring to is my new and custom built computer built by... me! yes that's right I built it myself and I am proud of that.

My system specs are as listed:
Mobo: 790i FTW EVGA
GPUs: 2 nVidia GeForce 9800 GTX's SLI EVGA
RAM: Corsair XMS3 6GB DDR3 @1600MHz
CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9450 @3.2GHz
PSU: Corsair 750W
HDD: 1.5TB 32MB cache Seagate & 1TB 32MB WD
Chassis: Apevia X-Pleasure
OS: Win7 Pro 64bit
KB & Mouse: Saitek Eclipse & Logitech G5
Monitor: 24" Acer widescreen 1920x1080
Speakers: Bose Companion 5

and if I feel like it ill post pictures...
I have updated my specs as they have changed since I originally posted this, and if you are wondering which ones changed they are the CPU and the RAM. I OC'd my CPU from (stock) 2.66GHz to 3.2GHz and I got 4GB of RAM instead of 2GB and it's now linked and synced at 1600MHz.

I have yet again updated my specs, the changes are as follows: 4GB to 6GB and Win XP 32bit to Win7 64bit.


Well I thought it would be appropriate to start with an intro and possibly my motives for creating this new blog which is meaningless and unknown to others...

Reasons for creating? well I was bored and decided to...

Well there you have it, not as exciting as you thought? oh well...