Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cool (no pun intended) Computer!

Recently when I went to visit my totally tubular dad in the far west, we stopped by Puget Systems to see their computer that's submerged in mineral oil! yes that's right I said submerged! it works because mineral oil doesn't conduct electricity and therefore electronic components will work while in it (you can see more about it here). Anyways it was pretty cool! ill even post pics so that you can see it from my point of view. In addition to all this I got to meet and talk with one of its creators (he was also using it when my dad and I arrived), and we talked for a bit about geek related things and the like. To wrap it up id like to say that if your ever in the Auburn area then stop by their office and see it its pretty cool! They have directions to their office on their site too.

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