Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Future, or Rather my Rendition, of Technology

People always speak of “what will the future be like with the way technology advances” or “what are we striving for in the field of technology”. Well I decided to write this to help people in understanding where it is exactly, to some degree, that we are headed. First I would like to say that this is my rendition, or my take on the matter, not that of any corporation specifically, but it is backed up by statements of CEO’s and is a “guided path” if you will, meaning that it is taking the past line of events and extrapolating what the future will most likely look like. With that said I can now start on the topic. First and foremost question is “what will the future be like…” (in regards to technology), well most people believe that it will be completely autonomous for us and to us but really that’s not how it will be. Instead of being autonomous to us or for us it will be autonomous around us. You may ask “what’s the difference” or “what exactly does this mean?” Well, it’s like this… Imagine that you get home from work and you get moved from your car (that drove you home) to your house and everything is brought to you and all you do is think about what you want to trigger the effects. Sounds kinda weird huh? Now imagine that when you get home, via self driving car, the car itself tells the house that it wants the shower turned on to a certain degree, the dinner started, and the music system turned on to something soothing because the car detects you are strained from a hard day at work. Now, which sounds better/more realistic? I personally like the second one so that’s what we are going with. So now you might be wondering “what else is so advanced about this?” It’s quite simple really, instead of having your cell phone, your ipod, your camera, your keys, your laptop, etc. they will all be one. That’s right all of them in one simple, pocket fittable device. Other objects such as your home computer, your washer, your dryer, your oven, your refrigerator, your shower, your TV, etc. will not be all one but will all be connected via the Home System Network (HSN), In fact you will not even have a home computer as it will be integrated into the house. All this connection will also be wireless and autonomous so that when you get home your laptop cell phone key camera ipod device will connect and sync to your HSN. Also, just to clarify, you will not use traditional LCDs or OLEDs for you computer home, you will instead use In Wall Projection Units (IWPU) which are basically HD projectors within the walls or glass panels in your house, and they will be touch sensitive and programmable from any wall in the house. One last important thing , and arguably the best, is that technology will be virtually hassle free, which would be totally awesome but lets not get carried away. So are you jealous? I am, I really want that all to be here now not then. Anyways, I hope this sheds some light on our future in regards to technology for all those who were wondering.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


This post is an update or rather an allocated list of recent events that pertain to geeks. Anyways some really interesting things have happened recently what with E3 and Computex going on, so I decided to tell you the really interesting things without all the boring stuff mixed in... First thing on the list is that Intel recently announced that its first octo core (8 cores in one CPU) will be released later this year! I sure can't wait to get my hands on one of those! Anyways, another thing is that AMD released their first 6 core CPUs three months ahead of schedule. At Computex a 128GB SSD was spotted but it's a bit it's just a wee bit different... it's only about an inch long! You really have to see it for yourself to believe it. E3 has brought great hope to the gaming world as we got alot of sequals of amazing games announced, such as Modern Warfare 2, Bioshock 2, Mass Effect 2, and even Super Mario Galaxy 2! Microsoft announced its "Project Natal" which isn't all that exciting if you ask me, but Sony announced their new motion sensing... orb thing and it looks really cool! Ok well it doesn't look cool it just is cool... stupid glowing orb... Anyways, that pretty much wraps it up except for one last tiny itty bitty detail... Windows 7 is going on sale October 22!

Also I updated my computer specs so check 'em out!