Friday, May 7, 2010

Google Chrome (Not the OS... yet)

Well, I am back with another glorious topic to speak on. This time I have decided to designate an "entire" post to a program that I have. Which is non other than the amazing Google Chrome Web Browser. As with all Google products, I usually DL them and then just stuff them somewhere because Google always releases things in BETA (which is good), but they are always missing core functions. Well, recently I opened up Google Chrome, and man I got to say they have really been working. They, have added the support for "Extensions" (basically the same as add-ons from Firefox) and the community has nearly caught up with that of Firefox's in that regard. In addition to having almost everything that Firefox has (if not more, or rather just plain better ones) the addons themselves are actually integrated into the browser. For example, I have a mini Wiki-Browser thing that opens a small non-tab non-window (but you can make it into a tab or window with a simple click) Wikipedia page. Same with the FaceBook, Gmail, and Google Reader extensions. They have also improved on the browsers overall functionality (still no advanced options or anything but it's getting there). They even added one of their "cloud" (aka SkyNet) features, so you can sync your bookmarks with your gmail address and whatever computer you get on you can sync up your bookmarks. With all of this I have decided to switch browsers from Firefox to Chrome because I can see that Chrome is advancing much faster than Firefox ever has. To be honest, Chrome is still a bit buggy and still is missing things, but I know that Google's next update will change most of that, and that within 3 or so more updates they will have some really cool things added, as well as most bugs fixed. So as of right now I would say Chrome is a 7.5/10, but is soon to be a 9.5/10 (hey, things can always be improved). You will also notice that I said, "(Not the OS... yet)" in the title up there ^. The reason for this is because I fully intend on trying out their Chrome OS that they have, and I am excited to. Seeing the amount of "collaboration" and "universalness" that is just in their web browser has made me want to see their OS first hand, but I am waiting for two things first. One that it is improved a bit more, and two that I have enough time to install it on one of my flash drives. Until both of those happen (or at least the time one) I won't be posting anything about the Chrome OS.

UPDATE (3.5)!!!
Another thing that I must mention is that I was mistaken on some information that I posted in my "Update (3)" post. I mistakingly posted: "...Core i9 processors and promises octo-core processors in mainstream by Q1 of 2011." I was mistaken in that Intel's octo-core processors are not sitting around, they are already "mainstream". The reason I was mistaken (and why mainstream was in quotes) is because Intel has officially launched them, however there is apparently something weird going on about all of this, because Intel's site is claiming that they are "discontinued"... I am unaware of what all is/ has happened, but I will try and dig up some information and let you all know.

Until then, you may all continue whatever mundane things you were doing. Bye-bye now.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Never Fear, For I am Still Here

Well, the cat is officially out of the bag, or in this case the Geek is out from behind his proxy servers and IP tracer destroyers. Actually I didn't have any, but you thought I did, and therefore I still win! Ha! Still, the fact remains that it is in fact true that I (Formerly "I Dunno... Someone Special?") am non-other than the illustrious Jefrey Bockmann. I know I know, a bit too much huh? Well, it's true. However, never fear for yours truly is still here... Basically what I mean by that is that nothing will change as far as content and posts. Anyways, that's about it for now... Until next time! (Which might be very soon!).

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Well, it's that time again. Update(3)!! yay!

(And the crowd goes wild!) Ok, so my first order of business shall be a much belated "Happy New Year!" So ya I just realized I haven't posted since last year. Anyways, now on to the fun part! Updates in the technological/geek/whatever you call yourself (elf?) world. Intel, ahhh Intel, how we love thee for your awesomeness. Intel is on the verge of releasing it's Core i9 processors and promises octo-core processors in mainstream by Q1 of 2011. Nvidia has released it's GTX 400 series GPUs which one on one compared to the latest Radeons don't stack up. However, when put in SLI (and Radeons in Crossfire) they blew them out of the water! not to mention that the 400 series now supports Quad-SLI, yes QUAD-SLI! When running benchmarks on the Quad-SLI array of doom, the testers used The fastest processor on the planet, and (get this) IT STILL BOTTLENECKED THE GPUs!! So as of right now, 4 GTX 480 GPUs boast no real performance increase over 3, but we all know that 3 days from now, when the next processor comes out, that will all change. Gotta love technology! In other news, Palm put themselves up for bid as they can't keep up with all the other touch based devises out there (we all knew it was coming), and guess who bought 'em? HTC? Nope. Google? Nuh-uh. Ummm... Motorola...? Nope. It was none other then HP. Yep, that company that most people I know don't like, bought it. Anyways, what else... Oh ya! the iAmaGiantiPhone came out, oops sorry the "iPad" (really Apple? the "iPad"?). I's gotten a lot of dissing, but mostly by people who haven't tried it yet. Otherwise I have heard that it is pretty cool (all sept for the name of course). Anyways, moving on to gaming news (this is where it gets really good). Activision fired IW's (Infinity Ward's, the guys who make call of duty games) lead designers, who formed their own company under EA known as "Respawn Entertainment", which everyone who was in IW under the designers left IW to go join, and now Respawn has filed a lawsuit against Activision. Phew... What a mouthful. Anyways I started laughing hysterically because IW screwed us PC gamers over with MW2, but they might redeem themselves now that they aren't under Activision. The sad thing is that it doesn't end there. Bungie (of all people) announced today that anything other than Halo related games are now going to be published by none other than, yup you guessed it, Activision. What a debacle... I guess we will see what else happens in this never ending story, in the months to come. Other than that, Nintendo announced they have plans for a "3DS" which apparently will be a 3D DS, but you wont have to wear silly glasses. Dunno much about it other than that, E3 will probably be the next update on that. Aaaaanywho, that about sums it up for my Update this time around. Thanks for reading.... If you did that is...