Tuesday, September 8, 2009

PAX '09

Alright everyone, it's the post of my blog that all (none) of you have been waiting for! PAX '09 coverage by yours truly. Who is "yours truly"? Not important, but what is important is what was at PAX. So without further adieu I give you PAX: .... Did I forget to mention that I forgot my camera? ya, well I did... Goes to show how much fate is against me... Anyways, I can at least tell you what was there, that's just as good right?... Oh shutup. Anyways, PAX had alot more this year then from previous years, or so I heard. Most of it was held in the main exhibition hall in the Seattle conference center, they had a ton of booths set up that were either demoing their game or just showing it off. Some of the playable games included: Diablo III, Starcraft II, World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, Left for Dead 2, Mass Effect 2, Halo 3 ODST, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune 2, and much more. Some of the others that were present but not playable were: Brink, Bioshock 2, Assassins Creed 2, and Splinter Cell. With all these great games to gander and drool at you'd think that that would be all you could do, but your wrong! Not only do you get to view, play, and walk around, but you get to do other things too! Like play tabletop games, read comics, play your DS, and sit in on discussions between your favorite game creators! Speaking of which, I met and got Adam Sessler's autograph, ok so he isn't a game creator but he is famous. Don't believe me? OK go here and tell me otherwise. Haha, I win you lose! In addition to Adam Sessler's autograph, I also acquired Guild Wars 2 lead designer's autographs, Mass Effect 2's Lead Designer's autograph, and AION's lead designer's autograph. See the funny thing is, you are drooling over all this and I haven't even told you the best part of the whole thing! What is it? Why it's SWAG, glorious swag, I got like 15 free T-shirts, and only 3 weren't my size! You can basically get tons of things if you are at the right place at the right time. For instance, Intel was giving out free Core 17 Extreme Processors (that's a $1000 processor for those who don't know)! Obviously I didn't win that specific prize, but I saw two people who did! A lot of the swag was junk, but it was junk with your favorite game's logo on it! So it was kinda not junk in a totally obscure and random way... Anyways, Overall PAX was definitely a good choice on my end, and I hope to attend PAX '10 next year as it will be even bigger and better. In the mean time, keep reading my blog (yes yes I know you don't want to, but it's good for you!) and keep the comments coming! OK so I don't have a single comment, but that just means that there is more room for new ones!

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