Thursday, August 27, 2009

Update (2)

Well, here's another glorious update in the realm of Geekness (yes I did just say that). Anyways, Some cool things to look forward to are: Windows 7 October 22, Snow Leopard Mac OS 10.6 (Already Out), Wireless energy transfer early-mid 2010, Nvidia Ion powered Netbooks late 2009, Intel's lovely Octo-Core late 2009, The first 2TB SD card is in the making expected before 2011, PS3 Slim AND PS3 price cut (already out), Xbox 360 Price Cut (This Friday), A whole slew of games that are coming out soon, most of which you can learn about here. In addition to all of this, PAX '09 is soon to be here and I will be attending. I am of course going to give you an inside scoop of the whole thing after it has occurred, but until then you shall remain in the dark... sad really, that is unless you will be there too, in which case I shall hope to see you there.

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